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No, but every institution is different. You set the fee scheduled and determine whether or not you want to charge your customers for the service. Also, if consumers choose the eGift Card option, Coinstar for Financial takes care of any fees. There is also no fee for our Donate to Charity option.

The Anthony is customizable based upon your needs. We have several different products to choose from. Your customers can convert coins to cash, deposit the coins directly into their account, get an eGift card or donate their coins to charity.

Coinstar works with several different national charities. You can have all of the charities on your kiosk or can select which of the available charities appear. You can find a list of our charity partners on the Coinstar for consumers website by following this link.

Coinstar for Financial serves customers in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. For service outside the U.S. and Canada, please contact our sales team at FISales@coinstar.com.

You can reach out directly to your Coinstar for Financial representative at any time, or you can call our customer service support line at 800-928-2274, seven days a week, from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. PT.

No, Coinstar's kiosks communicate through a wireless cellular modem that we provide. There is no network connectivity required on your part!

We just need a standard power outlet located no more than 3 feet from where you want the kiosk placed.

Anthony has a smaller footprint than our retail machines, taking up about 8 total square feet. The kiosk is 75" tall with the customizable poster (59" without the poster), 37" wide, and 31.5" deep.

Anthony is small but mighty, with the ability to hold an average of $8,000 in coin at once—sometimes more, depending on how much silver is poured!

Anthony is equipped with sound deadening material on the inside of the unit for ultra quiet operation. It has a decible rating of 65 db.

Yes! Anthony kiosks are branded with your information. We use your logo all throughough the user interface and customize your voucher with your specific information. We also provide you with a generic poster that goes on top of the kiosk, but it you would like to customize that with your specific information, we can provide you with a template to have a custom poster printed.


大众彩票新快三真实它在经济上的协作和在更高层面上生产关系的变化会逐渐衍生出来  李健熙离世之后,三星的掌门人是否就自然是他的儿子李在镕?三星集团未来的发展走向会发生什么变化?  韩国时间昨天上午10点左右,韩国各大媒体以快讯的形式报道了韩国首富、三星集团会长李健熙离世的消息,电视上几乎全天都在围绕他的生平事迹、主要成就等进行报道


800-928-2274FISales@coinstar.com330 120th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98005